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All I Want From You Is Everything


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I won't blame you if you stay you have to leave But darling I want you to stay I won't blame you if you say you've gotta go But I'll always want you around Cos all I want from you is everything That's all I'm asking for All I want from you is everything You know I need you so I won't beg you if you're walking out the door But darling I want you to stay I won't beg you if you're never coming home But I'll always want you around
Baby you know I feel for you But baby I've got to tell you the truth That lately I just can't take it any more And baby my heart's already out the door I'd love to say I love you too But I can't stay round here with you Baby I've got to get it all out That baby, my feelings changed for you and how Oh baby I never meant to break your heart But baby you knew how I was from the start I never thought it'd end this way You stood there asking me to stay Falling down and on your knees You're crying begging to me please I'd love to say I love you too But I can't stay round here with you I'd love to say I need you so But I'm afraid I've got to go
I really don't wanna go now, but I'll see you soon No I really don't wanna go now, but I'll see you soon There ain't no doubt about it So if you're lonely and needing a friend Let's pretend this sea's a river, and I will see you soon I really don't wanna say it, it's only goodbye But I really don't wanna hear it, there's tears in my eyes And I cannot remember Oh if I ever had feelings this way So get over here already, and I will see you soon
I'll never let you see The way my broken heart is hurting me I've got my pride and I know how to hide All my sorrow and pain I'll do my crying in the rain If I want for cloudy skies You won't know the rain from the tears in my eyes You'll never know that I still love you so Thought the heartaches remain I'll do my crying in the rain Raindrops falling from heaven Could never wash away my misery But since we're not together I look for stormy weather To hide these tears I hope you'll never see Some day when my crying's done I'm gonna wear a smile and walk in the sun I may be a fool but til then darling You'll never see me complain I'll do my crying in the rain


FORMATS: Single 7" [White Colour Vinyl] [Numbered Limited Edition of 500 copies] ➜ On sale clicking: / Digital Single

▶ Watch the official videoclip of "All I Want From You Is Everything":

▶▶ Watch the official videoclip of "I Will See You Soon":

We finally have news about one of our favorite bands!!!! THE SCHOOL are back with a numbered, limited-edition, white 7”, that’s coming out as an advance of their upcoming album, which we’ll have more news about soon. Their luminous melodies and magical arrangements are back, and so is Liz with her sweet voice, with those wonderfully exciting songs that contain the best pop traditions of recent decades, with a special focus, of course, on the sixties and girl groups.

To start with, the EP’s title track (which will also be on the album), is definitely one of the most solid hits the group from Cardiff have written to date. The chorus goes straight to the heart; it’s one of those choruses that make you see the world through new eyes, with sublime arrangements and a rhythm that has the purity and naturalness of teenage love carved into every beat. To play on repeat for hours. “Baby Don’t Hold Your Breath For Me” is one of the EP’s exclusive songs; a cover of KNICKERS, it moves between the best northern soul and the most playful jazz-swing, with Brian Wilson and Burt Bacharach watching from the wings.

We go to the other side and we find another song that will be on the album, “I Will See You Soon”, which is another totally solid pop anthem, somewhere between Sarah Records-style guitar pop, and the craziest ye-ye. At the end of the album, a little sadness and grief enter the picture, with a cover of Carole King’s “Crying In The Rain” - sober, desperate, forceful...

Rob Jones (producer of SWEET BABOO’s “Ships” and SLOW CLUB’s live music) takes the lead in the control room, and also on the drums, and he gives the group’s music a lively, fresh air. And obviously a single as good as this one only increases our appetite for more, and makes us even more excited to get our hands on that new album, the third in their career. We promise, you won’t have to wait much longer.


released April 13, 2015



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  • Mar 16
    Austin, TX

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